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Integrated High-Performance Cloud Hosting and Migration Services

Oxbury Group is the all-in-one cloud partner that delivers custom high-performance, secure, reliable and scalable cloud solutions for all business types.
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It's Wise To Move To The Cloud

Focus on the projects that differentiate your business, not the infrastructure. Cloud computing lets you focus on your own customers, rather than on the heavy lifting of racking, stacking, powering servers and managing services.
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Access Cloud Infrastructure & Services From The World's Best Providers

Use Oxbury Group’s cloud provider partnerships and all the services that they offer to discover and deploy a wide selection of cloud infrastructure solutions and cloud based services to fit almost any need.
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Office 365 Apps When & Where You Need Them Most

Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, saving time and money. Access to email, documents, contacts and calendars on nearly any device anytime.
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Website & PaaS App Hosting

High-performing, secure, reliable and scalable solution for delivering websites and applications.

IaaS IT Infrastructure

Take your cloud strategy to the next level with cloud services that are secure, reliable and scalable.

SaaS Business App Hosting

Run line of business applications in the cloud, with instant access to resources and powerful management tools.

Development & Test

Remove resource constraints and quickly spin up and tear down development and test environments.

Multiple Secure Enterprise Networks At Your Disposal


Public Cloud Networks

Public clouds are owned and operated by companies that use them to offer rapid access to affordable computing resources to other organizations or individuals. With public cloud services, users don’t need to purchase hardware, software or supporting infrastructure, which is owned and managed by providers.

We offer the best network connectivity to connect your networks to our cloud networks. Our team will work with your team (or we can be your team) to get you securely connected to the best cloud services online. A successful cloud implementation can only be achieved with reliable and redundant quality carrier partners to gain that high speed computing power you can only get from a custom cloud infrastructure solution.

Private Cloud Networks

A private cloud is owned and operated by a single company that controls the way virtualized resources and automated services are customized and used by various lines of business and constituent groups. Private clouds exist to take advantage of many of cloud’s efficiencies, while providing more control of resources and steering clear of multi-tenancy.

All of partner data centers and PoPs are connected by private network backbones. With private networks separated from the public networks it allows you to be connected to all the data centers available around the world that we offer. in most cases this allows you to move data between data centers at no cost as well as being able to take better advantage of managed or self-services that can be more easily integrated into your custom cloud management solution.

Hybrid & Management Cloud Networks

A hybrid cloud uses a private cloud foundation combined with the strategic use of public cloud services. The reality is a private cloud can’t exist in isolation from the rest of a company’s IT resources and the public cloud. Most companies with private clouds will evolve to manage workloads across data centers, private clouds and public clouds—thereby creating hybrid clouds.

In addition to the public, private and hybrid networks, in most cases servers are connected to an out-of-band management network. This management network, accessible via VPN, allows access to your server independently of its CPU, firmware and operating system for maintenance and administration purposes. Perform OS reloads, power-cycle your server, or simply use the IPMI connection to watch your server boot up as though you were standing in the data center with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse physically connected.

As Many Cloud Services As You Can Handle


Virtual Servers

Auto Scaling

Load Balancing

Event Driven Compute Functions


Storage & Content Delivery

Object Storage

Block Storage

Archive Storage









VPN Personal

Site to Site VPN

Direct Connections


Administration & Security

Identity Management

Access Control

Usage & Resource Auditing

Key Storage & Management

Monitoring & Logs

Service Catalog





Data Warehouse

Data Pipelines


Deployment & Management

 1-Click Web App Deployment

Dev/Ops Resource Management

Resource Templates

Easy Code Deployment

Continuous Integration Tool

Source Code Management


Mobile & Devices



Mobile Analytics



Configure virtual servers for your variable short-term, or flexible workloads, and have them online in minutes.


Meet your predictable or high-I/O and compute-intensive workloads with your choice of hardware, deployed on demand.
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