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Cloud Services & Infrastructure Require Cloud Security Techniques

Oxbury Group’s IronGuard Security Services help give you piece of mind when migrating into the cloud.

Cloud, Infrastructure & Web Application Security

Threat Management

Threat Intelligence, Detection, Protection & Mitigation. Protect your network choosing from many of our solutions.

Vulnerability Management

Proactively scan, test and remediate application, database and network vulnerabilities to protect your data.

Compliance Management

Meet compliance obligations and better manage risks in an automated and sustainable way using best practice tools and enterprise level security services.

IronGuard Unified Threat Management Security Solutions

Managed SIEM

As network traffic and complexity increases, threat and compliance issues call for real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and auditing that can only be accomplished with security information and event management (SIEM) technology and a vigilant team of IT experts. Managed SIEM services provide world-class expertise, threat intelligence, efficiency and automation otherwise unavailable to most organizations.

Managed Threat Analysis

Information sharing has been helping law enforcement and intelligence communities improve their capabilities for a long time. Managed Threat Analysis Service brings the same concept to our SIEM customers, integrating automatically analyzed threat intelligence and reputation information into the SIEM. This enables forward warning and emerging threat detection within the SIEM, securely synchronized from the Cloud to your SIEM.

Managed DDoS Protection

Managed DDoS Protection service provides organizations with a simple and effective solution to mitigate the growing threat of DoS and DDoS attacks. Combining a highly-scalable infrastructure with in-depth, 24×7 security operations centers (SOC), Managed DDoS Protection service is able to defend against the largest and most sophisticated attacks.

Managed Firewall Service

A firewall is necessary to protect your data, networks and devices. Yet year after year, the absence of a firewall or an improperly configured one is a key contributor to the majority of data breaches. Managing this mandatory and necessary security control can be extremely complex and costly if not done properly. Let IronGuard Services help.

Managed Anti-Malware

Web users can become infected by malware in any number of ways: by following a malicious link in a spam or phishing email or on a social media site, or simply by visiting a seemingly trusted and legitimate website that was compromised by hackers to distribute malware. With Managed Anti-Malware Service, small and large businesses alike have the ability to address malware and zero-day vulnerabilities, as well as blended and advanced persistent threats, without having to worry about policy adjustments, fine-tuning and device management.

Managed IDS/IPS

Threats against an organization’s information and integrity are more abundant and insidious than ever. As a result, organizations continue to turn to intrusion detection and prevention systems as foundational controls for an in-depth defense against identified attacks — while ensuring legitimate traffic reaches its intended destination for continued business operation.

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Continuous Network Monitoring is a new, innovative way to continuously measure and visualize the effectiveness of your security program and gain assurance that your security team is addressing the highest priority security problems to secure their business at any time.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication solutions help you to secure access to networks and applications, protect users, and address compliance requirements for the protection of regulated data, while simplifying deployment and management, improving user experience, and minimizing the cost and hassle of traditional hardware tokens.

Managed Network Access Control

As the proliferation of mobile devices and corporate BYOD adoption increases, revenue and productivity can rise – but so can exposure to risk. Managing non-standard, heterogeneous devices can often introduce malware into the corporate network. With Managed Network Access Control (NAC), you can rely upon a team of security experts to obtain proactive management, maintenance and monitoring to keep your network, systems and data safe.

Secure Email Gateway

Despite new and emerging methods of communication, email remains the top communications tool for businesses. It is no wonder cyber criminals still use email as a primary channel through which to wage their attacks. In addition to dealing with these risks, organizations also must be wary of confidential information going out the door – either accidentally or intentionally. These events can result in monetary loss, compliance violations and/or brand damage. Take the complexities out of protecting against malicious email attacks and ensuring confidential information remains secure with a Secure Email Gateway solution.

Featured Partner & Product

Tenable – SecurityCenter Continuous View

Continuous Network Monitoring is a new, innovative way to continuously measure and visualize the effectiveness of your security program and gain assurance that your security team is addressing the highest priority security problems to secure their business at any time.

Tenable’s SecurityCenter Continuous View™ is the only continuous network monitoring platform, which provides the most comprehensive and integrated view of enterprise health.

SecurityCenter Continuous View Features
The new capabilities in SecurityCenter 5.0 enable CISOs and security leaders to provide continuous assurance by measuring, analyzing and visualizing the security posture of their IT enterprise in terms of high-level objectives, and identifying gaps where policies are failing to meet business objectives.
Assurance Report Cards
Measures and communicates effectiveness of security policies in terms of high-level business objectives in real-time
Advanced Analytics
Correlates log and scan data across the enterprise to provide actionable analytics, and highly customizable dashboards and reports
Continuous Asset Discovery
Takes inventory of all hardware, services, and web applications active on the network to eliminate blind spots
Forensic Analysis
Provides actionable forensics data with contextual vulnerability and threat information to prioritize and rapidly respond to security events
Network Health Assessment
Identifies vulnerabilities, threats, anomalous traffic, and data leakage to blacklisted sites via real-time network profiling and analysis
Compliance Monitoring
Validates and reports on compliance per pre-defined security policies and underlying controls for most regulations and standards
Malware Detection
Detects advanced malware on endpoints and suspicious traffic to blacklisted external sites based on built-in threat intelligence
Vulnerability Analytics
Identifies vulnerable, misconfigured, or compromised assets, and provides analytics, trending and reporting to reduce the attack surface.

Why Do I Need Security For Cloud Services?

Threats to your network are relentless. Oxbury Group’s portfolio of security and cloud access control solutions can help you protect your business in the cloud from advanced persistence threats, optimize network performance, and increase operational efficiencies. Working with your IT Team we can connect your on-prem and physical data center infrastructure securely with your new expanding data center in the cloud.

Managed Security Services

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