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We Are Canada's Data Center Cloud Migration & Cloud Security Specialists

The future belongs to dynamic private/hybrid clouds. Oxbury Group is the all-in-one cloud partner that delivers custom high-performance, secure, reliable and scalable cloud service solutions for all business types large and small.





Simplify Your Move With The Cloud Migration Specialists

Move Part Or All Of Your Network To A Cloud Provider That Fits Your Needs

Pretty much any operating system, application or workload can move into the right cloud provider service. We here at Oxbury Group can help you first figure out what can move to the cloud, how much you will save vs current operating costs and what other efficiencies and services you can then also take advantage of. Then we can help you move it. We provide the pre-financial and technical analysis to prove your migration project, the project management, cloud infrastructure architectural design and post optimization, knowledge transfer and support if required.


Unparalleled Performance

Consistent compute power and a high-performance global network for self-service IaaS and PaaS. We only work with the top cloud service providers.


Flexibility and Breadth

A range of options support a dynamic hybrid cloud strategy. We work with you to get your stuff up and in to reap the many benefits cloud computing.


Complete Control

We can migrate your data center and applications almost 10 times faster than competitors, because of our experience and partner relationships.

Website & PaaS App Hosting

High-performing, secure, reliable and scalable solution for delivering websites and applications.

IaaS & IT Infrastructure

Take your cloud strategy to the next level with cloud services that are secure, reliable and scalable.

SaaS Business App Hosting

Run line of business applications in the cloud, with instant access to resources and powerful management tools.

Development & Test

Remove resource constraints and quickly spin up and tear down development and test environments.

Migrate Applications To The Cloud To Save Costs And Reduce Operational Risk

With a PaaS or SaaS migration solution services, you can quickly and cost-effectively identify applications that are ready for migration to the best cloud providers, as well as optimize those that aren’t fully optimized for cloud yet. Oxbury Group keeps up with the rapid changes of the many cloud service providers, ensuring that your applications are always optimized and keep running efficiently in the cloud. Oxbury Group can empower your developers to write code optimized for a cloud infrastructure, without requiring developers to become cloud experts. We will get you up and in.


Highly Control Costs

Control your operating costs down to the minute with some services. Automate spinning up and down servers and work roles as required when the demand high or low to control costs.


Flexibility and Breadth

A range of options support a dynamic hybrid cloud strategy. We work with you to get your stuff up and in to reap the many benefits cloud computing.


Unparalleled Performance

Consistent compute power and a high-performance global network for self-service IaaS and PaaS. We only work with the top cloud service providers.

Easy To Deploy

Create a complete Dev, Staging, UAT or Production implementation in a matter of hours not days or weeks.

Pay Only For What You Use

All services are metered so you only get charged for what you actually use. Not for what you thought you needed.

Do It Yourself – Self Service

All the IT resources you need with self-service access to anything.

Get Started Fast

Focus on developing your application and leave the management details to us.

Harness Oxbury Groups expertise and leadership as your security and managed services partner.

Gain a competitive edge by allowing Oxbury Group to manage your day to day cloud infrastructure and security needs. With our premier level cloud service partners and dedicated support team we can assure fast service when you need it 24/7. Our in house infrastructure, security and cloud specialists can tackle any business requirement or issue you may have. Allow us to work with you to better utilize today’s technology to give you the edge you need in today’s markets.


Security & Compliance

Your business requires a secure environment to maintain the integrity of both your applications and your infrastructure. The construction of that environment involves collaboration between you and us. Working together with your business, our security experts, infrastructure architects, and operations and technical personnel can design and deliver proactive and reactive measures designed to meet your specific needs.


IT Outsourcing

Partner with Oxbury Group to speed time to market, attract new customers and foster a culture of innovation.


Managed Services

Drive growth, eliminate downtime, scale operations, and improve application availability with the management of IT resources.


Monitoring 24/7

Consistent network and security monitoring will allow you to be proactive instead of reactive within your operation.

Virtualization and cloud computing have transformed the importance of data center interconnection. Historically used to replicate data from a primary data center to a disaster recovery site or backup data center, a data center interconnect now enables enterprises to load balance compute resources across multiple sites dynamically. 

Adaptive selection regarding the best network or cloud provider for your applications significantly reduces cost and risk, while improving service promoting future flexibility. Choice leads to fair pricing and innovation. SMB customers with a presence in a carrier-neutral facility can exercise the same buying power traditionally reserved for the biggest customers.

Oxbury Group can help with your migration, creation and management of all your infrastrcture. 

Enterprise IT Service Transformation

The combination of leading cloud service providers, infrastructure specialists, PaaS development expertise, open cloud platforms and an open suite of big data products we accelerate innovation cycles for our customers.


Hybrid Data Center
Migration & Management


PaaS/SaaS Application
Development Services


App & Infrastructure
Security Services


North American Co-Lo Data Centers


WAN Circuit Connectivity


Cloud Services Financial Analysis & Cost Tracking


Managed Cloud Services


Regulatory Compliance
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Canadian Based Cloud PaaS & IaaS Solutions


Cloud Backup


Technology & Security Research


Platinum Level Support


Big Data Analytics
Infrastructure Services


Traditional Web Site Hosting Services

Multiple Secure Enterprise Networks At Your Disposal


IronGuard Unified Threat Management Security Solutions

Security For The Cloud

The next generation of security is upon us all. Let Oxbury Group’s IronGuard Services help secure your new environment.


Considering Managed Security?

Offering As Many Cloud Services As You Can Handle


Virtual Servers

Auto Scaling

Load Balancing

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Administration & Security

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 1-Click Web App Deployment

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Easy Code Deployment

Continuous Integration Tool

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Mobile & Devices



Mobile Analytics


A Wide Selection Of Services Makes The Best Choice Yours


Configure virtual servers for your variable short-term, or flexible workloads, and have them online in minutes.


Meet your predictable or high-I/O and compute-intensive workloads with your choice of hardware, deployed on demand.

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