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Integrating Cloud Products Drives Greater Competitive Advantage

“Mastering the hybrid IT model is essential to achieving the speed and dynamism necessary in today’s digital economy.” – Gartner

We Offer Expertise Using These Top Cloud Service Providers

Toronto Cloud Service Provider

Why These Service Providers?

We feel that partnering with these main big four cloud service providers allows us to cover all the available cloud services, infrastructure and data sovereignty needs required by 99% of our clients. Most importantly for our Canadian clients, using IBM Softlayer and CentruryLink who both have multiple data centers within Canada allows Canadian companies to keep there data in country if required.

All four including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS offer complete cloud infrastructure solutions and services that will meet the need of most businesses big and small. Our expertise using and migrating into these services regularly allows our clients to share in our knowledge right at the beginning of their cloud project when they need it most.

We know that designing a solution architecture around a cloud migration moving legacy systems and hardware into the cloud can be a monumental task if you don’t have the correct information at the planning stage to help avoid costly mistakes. Allow Oxbury Group to help plan your move and or expansion into the cloud services that will best meet your needs and budget.


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