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Managed IT Services


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Let our IT team, become your IT team. Oxbury Group IT professionals can handle the management of the technical side of your business. Working together, we can extend your technical capabilities by leveraging our knowledge of IT with your knowledge of your core business. Oxbury Group can assist in any aspect of your IT requirements. Our services span complete outsourcing to specific managed outasking services across the entire IT infrastructure.

Managed Hosting Services

With managed hosting services you can be sure that your servers, sites and data are always up and available and you won’t need to hire an IT army to keep it up. We make sure everything is always running and secure with the full flexibility to expand your environment as you grow.

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  • Server Management.
  • Shared Server Management.
  • Virtual Server Management.
  • Web Hosting & Server Management.
  • Database Hosting & Server Management.
  • E-Commerce Management.

Managed Network Services

Network management is one of the harder things for an SMB to manage themselves. More often then not, nothing is done unless something is broken. But wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about it going down at all?

Oxbury Group professionals can monitor, fix and expand your network as needed. We have many solutions that you may be able to implement to better utilize technology for your companies benefit.

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  • Multi Location Network Setup & Management.
  • Network Monitoring Systems.
  • Server Management.
  • Desktop Management.
  • Remote Data Backup.
  • Cabling Installs & Management.
  • Infrastructure Support & Management.
  • Wireless Network Setup & Security.
  • VPN – Remote Access Management.
  • Firewall and Router Management.
  • Infrastructure Audits & Review.

Database Management Services

Many companies today are dependent on being able to edit and retrieve their companies data at all times. Oxbury Group has extensive knowledge in this area to assist your business in managing, maintaining and securing its data.

We can help with database design, migration and management projects and can host and backup your database offsite in a secure 24/7 uptime environment. We are experienced in all the standard and open source database technologies.

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  • Database Hosting (server or virtual).
  • Database Design & Management.
  • Database Backup Management.
  • Database Optimization & Migration Services.

VOIP Communications

Oxbury Group can advise you on how to improve service and cut costs with the help of the latest business phone systems. The latest business phone systems support VoIP telephony which offers a number of benefits over traditional phone systems. VoIP solutions are inherently flexible and scalable, translating into opportunities for significant operational benefits and efficiencies – as well as potential cost-savings in the long term.

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  • VOIP System Sales & Setup.
  • VOIP System Management.
  • Upgrade to VOIP Service.

IT Support Management

Every company has computers and people who use them. Not everything works all the time. Oxbury Group can help you save money by managing the IT support for your business. We can setup a plan that will meet your goals of fast excellent support and help you manage IT cost projections.

IT departments are under increasing pressure to deliver highly available and resilient IT infrastructures. Performance shortfalls and unplanned outages come at a serious cost.

We offer a range of cost-effective support services with committed response times to optimize the availability of your desktop, server, network and datacentre. We have the resources, knowledge and technology in place to provide maximum business availability with minimal end-user downtime.

We take great pride in delivering improvement and innovation to our customers throughout the life of a service contract by applying our proven processes and methodologies within our MobileTech support service.

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  • MobileTech Support Service Plans.
  • Ad-Hoc Onsite Support.
  • Ad-Hoc Phone Support.
  • Printer Support.
  • Desktop Support.
  • Server Management & Support.
  • Lifetime Maintenance .
  • Resources On-Demand.
  • Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Unified Support Plan.
  • Data Center Support Services.
  • Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Network Support Services.
  • Asset Management.
  • IT Equipment Recycling & Disposal.

Web Management Services

Let’s face it, you can’t have a successful company today without a website. Its your online calling card, sometimes now its the first place a customer looks to see if they want to do business with you. It’s a direct reflection of how you operate.

At Oxbury Group we believe that to have a successful company you need a successful website and we are equipped to assist you. With several e-business managers and software developers on our team, we can make sure your online strategy matches your overall business goals.

We can design, develop, host and maintain your e-commerce or business site what ever the size, to maximize what the internet has to offer your business.

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  • Web Development.
  • Web Design.
  • Site Management.
  • E-Business Management.
  • Online Application Development.
  • E-Marketing Strategy & Management.
  • SEO Optimization & Maintenance.
  • Project Management.
  • Web Hosting Solutions.

Software Development

Even with thousands of off-the-shelf business software titles to choose from, the need for custom software development has never been greater. The “one-size-fits-all” application doesn’t always provide your business with the greatest degree of efficiency or flexibility nor will it put you ahead of your competitors.

Oxbury Group developers have great experience in custom development, and have developed many custom software applications using the latest, and tried and true languages, methodologies and technologies. We are ready to design and build your next custom application.

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  • Business Analysis.
  • Project Consulting, Planning & Management.
  • Custom Application Development.
  • Application Support & Maintenance.
  • .Net Software Migration.
  • Software QA Testing.
  • Database Development.
  • Resource On Demand.
  • MOSS Development.
  • Web Based Application Development.
  • Distributed Applications.
  • Mobile Development.

Outsourcing Services

Oxbury Group can help companies organize their outsourcing projects. Because our industry using this service regularly we naturally have become very skilled in dealing with outsourcing vendors across the globe.

It can be China, India or even eastern European suppliers, Oxbury Group can help you achieve better performance within your business by assisting you in untangling the complexities of outsourcing services abroad.

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  • Application Outsourcing.
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing.
  • Business Process Outsourcing.
  • Operational Outsourcing.